I hate Michele Bachmann…

and Mitt Romney… and Rick Perry… (though I hate her the most)

I’m so sick of the utter denial of anything Obama has done. Congress/Senate has blocked so many things. The one thing he won the Nobel Peace Prize for, the one thing that was truly the Obama administration was foreign policy. Wake up America, he’s making other countries hate us just a little less. 

Oh darn: the military got Bin Laden, supported Libya through the assassination of Gaddafi, and simply keeps wooing other countries. Frankly, DADT needed repealing. How disgusting for a country to ask people willing to die for it to die as anything but the person they are… part of that person was brave enough to die for our country. Shouldn’t they be allowed to love who they love without fear of exposure and ruining their chance to defend our country? 

Healthcare reform could have been amazing had they let “obamacare” pass. Now, Republicans are fighting the American Jobs Act… come on. Fight the AJA while you get so mad about us leaving Iraq. Sorry, but AJA costs so much less than war.

PS… AJA will bring jobs and security. Forget the “job-makers” who got bail outs and continue to neglect to hire people. 

I’m so over the churches, oil companies, and the insurance companies owning America’s politicians.

Campaign funding reform, please? Pretty please? 

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